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10 Common Pregnancy Cravings demystified – You cannot miss the fourth one!

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  • Veera Junnila

    Beautifully written text, I loved to read it! Thank you for sharing this!

  • OMG! My baby just turned 5 months yesterday and it’s funny how I was just having memories of my pregnancy days so I can relate to your post. Congrats to the expecting mother reading this.

  • Interesting cravings for interesting reasons! I craved chocolate milk like it was my job.

  • I never thought there were that many craving! It is a nice layout and good information.

  • Thank you for sharing this post I relate in some way

  • It’s a beautiful post , keep coming up with such posts.

  • Thanks god I didn’t have any crazy cravings!!

  • I’m not pregnant but I have cravings for chocolate all the time.

  • Good info .thank you

  • Long time since I was pregnant – have 4 adult children now – but I remember that my cravings were ice cream – could eat bucket of it. Its a dairy product so I most likely lacked Calsium. I ended often up freezing on the coach from eating to much cold ice cream 🙂


      Haha.. That was hilarious.. Thanks for dropping by..

  • Very nice and interesting post. Can’t wait to go through this phase of life. 🙂 who knows what I would be craving.


      Best of luck..

  • Anything sour for me lol I was so bad my mouth would bleed ???


      Aww..that was painful, wasn’t that.. Lols

  • Thanks for sharing! Your text is beautifully written with so many details.


      Hi .. thanks for dropping by. Glad to hear that..

  • Great Content!

  • I’ve also have heard most of these but it’s funny, I was pregnant 3 times and never had specific cravings. I just wanted to EAT! LOL


      LOL.. seems you are in the same niche.. would like to go through your site..

  • Ramona Spires

    I don’t recall many cravings when I was pregnant. This was a really nice post.

  • ramiz

    yeah ı was curious Why are they so specific?

  • That is really great info. thanks for sharing.

  • Cravings are no joke! Thanks for the post.

  • Good info

  • I went directly to the forth one! Yes In fact in Sri Lanka people eat Young mangos!

  • I knew about some of these. Ice is definitely a new one for me. I remember my older sister always craving pickles, something she never liked previously.

  • Interesting! The bit about pickles is funny lol it’s fascinating to see how the body just knows what it needs


  • Got to know more from the list. Detailed post!

  • I get cravings for lemon and I’m not pregnant. As someone who has no interest in pregnancy this was actually a really interesting read! I say something (with love and kindness) you need to be careful using those images because I know that chocolate one is covered by copyright. Unless you purchased that stock, then I apologise. Just be careful. I read some blogger was sued and had to settle for the price of a brand new car. Good luck xo.


      Hi.. thanks for the headsup.. will take care..

  • Very handy to know – I’m looking forward to the day when I have pregnancy cravings!

  • jhilmil

    I was crazy for sweets & “Pani poori – it is so chatpata”;). Those days were really amazing when food came into picture, lol

  • Important information for all the parents out there,

  • That’s interesting…I craved rare meat which I actually hate any other time.

  • Yes, women crave different things during pregnancy. Some of the items brought back memories. Thanks for sharing!

  • I always craved red meat and I was definitely low on iron. So true!

  • My wife needs to see this


      Hi..Thanks and congrats..hope you like the post..

  • I have craved everything on this list except coffee. I normally drink coffee by the pot, but during my first pregnancy, the smell of coffee gave me nausea! The second and third time, I just had less of a desire to drink it…

  • London Mumma

    My one cravin when pregnant was watermelon I could not get enough of it.

  • Sanja Loshik

    Interesting! I didn`t had any of it though 🙂 My cravings were cucumber and nuts

  • Good information, now i know why my aunt craves for sour food

  • Glad I never had much cravings when pregnant with my kids

  • I just want to say I am beginner to blogs and seriously savored this web-site. Likely I’m planning to bookmark your site . You definitely come with wonderful article content. Thanks for sharing your web page.

  • Thanks for the information

  • Toni Pearce

    I craved nothing during any of my pregnancies, thanks to severe HG i barepy ate at all! Pregnancy is the best diet for me, shame I put it all back on when breastfeeding!

  • Jiya B

    I craved for Burger all the time. I remember and in my second pregnancy Indian Sweets. Thanks for sharing the list I loved reading the post.

  • I always wonder what I’ll crave if I ever have children! Weird fact but whatever my mom craved when she was pregnant with me and her three other children, we grew up to hate! When she was pregnant with my brother, she used to crave the hot cinnamon ‘fireball’ flavoured Jawbreakers, I think that’s a pretty weird one haha x