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About Me

What should I write about myself?

Hmm..let us give it a try. I am a would-be parent (quite excited about that!) and if everything goes well, I am going to remain one for about a month or so. As and when that status changes for good, I will update this page again. As we were seeking help for my wife, I decided to help others as well and created this page.

What do I write about?

Well, I mostly write about topics related with pregnancy. Let us try to jot them down:

  • pregnancy first trimester precautions
  • pregnancy first trimester diet
  • pregnancy first trimester week by week
  • pregnancy first trimester weight gain
  • pregnancy first trimester symptoms
  • pregnancy calculator
  • discharge during pregnancy first trimester
  • pregnancy second trimester
  • pregnancy second trimester weeks
  • headaches during pregnancy second trimester
  • yoga during pregnancy second trimester
  • exercise during pregnancy second trimester
  • cramps during pregnancy second trimester
  • spotting during pregnancy second trimester
  • stress during pregnancy second trimester
  • cough during pregnancy second trimester
  • pregnancy third trimester diet
  • pregnancy third trimester weeks
  • pregnancy third trimester exercise
  • pregnancy third trimester pain
  • pelvic pain during pregnancy third trimester
  • exercise during pregnancy third trimester
  • pregnancy week by week
  • pregnancy third trimester baby movement

Besides the above I like to design infographics as well. If you browse through the site you would find some of them as well. I will appreciate if you can go through the same and let me know.

Occasionally I also write about relationships/ abuse/ and fitness related topics as well.

I have create a page for XO Sam on Facebook as well here:  I will appreciate if you can head there and check out our FB posts.