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Help!! The child has fallen ill.. What to do now?

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  • Great tips! As a mom of 4, these are very helpful!

  • This post has just thought me a lot, as i tend to panic a lot at first, whenever my baby falls ill. Thanks.

  • I didn’t know about the onion at all.
    Very good information

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  • Great tips! I haven’t heard of most of these, I’ll definitely be saving these

  • Great post. ?????
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Its really good tips as a mom, i am try to do this for my family.

  • I never thought about using an onion. Great tips!

  • When my kiddos get sick, I provide comfort. Sometimes we head to the doctor, but only with super high fever or prolonged sickness.

  • Being a parent must be so stressful! Nothing turns into a big thing! But I can’t remember my parents stressing for us getting a cold… xx corinne

  • Being a parent must be so stressful! Nothing turns into a big thing! But I can’t remember my parents stressing for us getting a cold… they were pretty chilled xx corinne

  • Rikki Singh

    Great Tips for Mom’s

  • Those are very helpful tips. I’ll pin it.

  • Very useful information for parents

  • These are all really great tips! The first time my son ever got sick I felt like I had no idea what to do, but ended up that we were doing everything right! The steam breathing really is a lifesaver for congestion! Along with humidifiers with Vicks! Thanks for the great tips and for sharing!

  • Taking my babes into a steam-filled bathroom has been a lifesaver for me many times! Sometimes it can be hard to decide if symptoms warrant a doctor visit or if you can deal with the illness at home. These are good tips for those times and often times, the nurse advice line at your doctor’s office is so helpful as well.

  • This is great advice for parents out there. I am a big believer in natural remedies, but sometimes seeing a doctor is necessary.

  • Go with your gut. So many times I didn’t listen to my gut and something worse happened. Because as a parent you truly DO know your child best!

  • I needed this a couple of weeks ago when my son fell ill. It’s the first time that he’s been sick in the whole 2 years he’s been alive. I didn’t know what to do or if I should call the doctor. I will remember this next time.

  • Elizabeth O

    These are helpful reminders we can all use but each of us need to be super attentive to our child’s need as we are all unique. My kids dictor had an office nearby so that helped us a lot.

  • These signs to watch out for definitely come in handy with two under five. Thanks for sharing these, they could really save a life.

  • I have Allergy Rhinitis and the steam works faster than medicine.

    These are good tips. However, parents must still be very observant about the condition of their child.

    ❀ Grace ❀


      Hi.. Good to hear that. We are planning a series on herbal remedies for sick children. Please keep a watch..

  • Great tips. Also, first step. Don’t panic.

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  • I always followed my instincts when it comes to illnesses. I would know in my gut if it is just colds or if it is something else. Your tips are great too! I would also add using a cooling gel – we used Kool Fever for babies on my daughter. This helped decrease her high temperature.

  • Home made remedies are the best. Its great piece of advice for all the parents.

  • Nick Whittenhall

    We built up a great relationship with the nurses and pediatrician to what we would just call and ask questions. I highly recommend that. I also love those home remedies you shared! I wish I would have known those when my boys were little. Great read, great advice.